Above My Expectations

Sandra - Cincinnati
The finished job was above my expectations. The crew worked fast and minimized any inconvenience to us. Kevin was great to work with. I would recommend O'Leary to anyone who needs concrete work done.

We Were Amazed

 Brian - West Chester 
​We are very pleased with our decision to use O'Leary Concrete to install our patio. The owner, Kevin, responded to our inquiry and fairly quoted the job in a quick time-frame. The project took two half days to complete - the first day prepping/framing and the second day pouring/finishing. Kevin and his team arrived very early each morning, ready to go. The entire team was friendly, professional, and skilled - each member appearing to have their individual specialty.

​They did a wonderful job troubleshooting,
communicating the plan/any necessary adjustments, and responding to questions before/during/after the project. We were amazed at their speed and efficiency, as well as the quality of the work. Our patio looks great, especially the clean, uniform lines. We look forward to utilizing the space soon!

​Kevin O'Leary Is A Lifesaver

Maria  - Mason
I had hired another concrete guy to do my driveway and it was a complete nightmare and after I refused to give him anymore money, he quit the job. I called Kevin on a Saturday and he immediately returned my call. He originally said that he was booked through October. He said for me to take a picture of the project and all the concrete at the end of my driveway. I think after looking at the complete mess, he decided to come and look at what needed to be done in order to complete my driveway. He came on Monday and gave me a quote. He said that he would fit me in his schedule since I was in a difficult situation. O'Learys came out the following Tuesday and completed the driveway by Wednesday. He had a crew of like 7 men come to my house and they were awesome! Kevin even came out on Wednesday when they poured the concrete to make sure that I didn't have any more issues and that the project got done correctly. My driveway is absolutely beautiful and Kevin was a total lifesaver! I would recommend him and his company to anyone needing concrete work. 

Their Work Is Outstanding 

Nancy - Cincinnati

Fantastic!!. Kevin said they would be there at 7:00 A.M. On Monday morning and they were there by 6:30--talk about being on time!! Kevin is very professional and polite!!! Their work is outstanding and they clean up the yard and put back grass and surrounding soil as much as possible. The "crew" worked fast and efficiently. There was no time they were sitting around except when they were waiting for the next cement truck. Theirs is a well oiled machine--to say the least. Neighbors watched as they demolished the driveway, hauled it away, and prepped the land so rain would drain properly. They use lasers to approximate the lay of the land and made sure everything was plumb. It was mesmerizing to watch the efficiency of everyone. Kevin is right in there with his crew driving the Bobcat and directing everything. I can't say enough about their work ethic and ability to do their work efficiently. You can't go wrong hiring O'Leary Concrete Company.

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OnTime, On Budget 

Rich Mt- Washington 
O'Leary did everything he said he would do: on time, on budget. I highly recommend his company!   

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Patio Like New!

I had my driveway and patio cleaned by O'Leary. It looks like new!  What an inexpensive way to renew my home.  It was great. Thank You.   

Pride In The Work 

Mark - Loveland
Arrived at 7am sharp each day, like they said. Good crew, polite, efficient and organized. Kevin O'Leary communicated exactly what the plan was, asked for any extra comments or requests, then worked on all the prep work the first day. The crew all took pride in their work. Second day was the concrete pouring and finishing. I was very pleased with the quality and the timeliness of the work. 

Expect Jealous Neighbors!

It Was Worth It 

Kyle - Cincinnati

Kevin O'Leary and his crew were very professional. They were punctual, hard working, super polite, courteous, conscientious, and clean. From the initial appraisal for services to the day of the installation and the final clean up, O'Leary and crew were extremely helpful, responsive, and professional. You couldn't ask for much more. The price was a little bit more than other bids, but I do think it was worth it.